McWinn Air Filter Cleaning

Reasons to use filter cleaning

1) It is green. By being able to reuse a filter multiple time we are able to save waste going into our landfills.

2) It saves money. At a fraction of the cost of buying a new air filter you could be saving over 50% on new filters.



1) We pick up the filter and do a visual inspection for any damage.

2) The Filters are then dried to remove all moisture.This ensures a full release of dirt and contaminates.

3) Each filter then go through the patented McWinn process. Rapid spinning, air blasts, and vacuuming.

4) Filters then go through an inspection. Using a 750 watt bulb in a dark room the filters are inspected for rips, tears, pin holes, paper separation, and any other defects that would affect the performance of the filter.

5) The filter is then bag and delivered back to the customer for use. 

Esso Cardlocks

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Mobil Lubricants

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